Sport Mask powered by DRYV Technology - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $75 / Free Returns!

Sport Mask powered by DRYV Technology

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We’re best known for creating the World’s Best Basketball Shorts. You know, Shorts + Towel = Genius. Hoop shorts that keep your sweaty hands dry and turnover free.

We’ve taken that same sweat-absorbing technology from our shorts and put it in a protective mask. Now you can run, train, golf and sweat safely and comfortably.

The Sport Mask is the first and only mask designed to keep you protected during athletic activities, featuring a strip of our patented DRYV Technology across the bridge of the nose to keep your face dry.  Made with 2-ply breathable, moisture wicking fabric, the one-size fits all rear ties guarantee this mask stays in place no matter what the activity.

Masks ship in 8-12 business days, sometimes sooner!

WARNING: The Sport Mask is not a medical device. It is not intended to be personal protective equipment and should not be used by healthcare professionals to prevent or protect them from any form of illness or disease (or otherwise). While intended for active use, all face coverings present a choking hazard. Please consult a physician before engaging in any activity that may present an injury risk, with or without a face covering.

• Featuring a strip of DRYV absorbent fabric across bridge of nose
• 2-ply face covering provides added protection from the elements
• Made from high performance moisture wicking fabric with a breathable inner layer
• Ties rather than elastic to guarantee it stays in place
• Machine washable
• Protected by U.S. Patent #8,769,716 and other patents pending
• 7.5" (H) x 8.5" (W) face covering
• 17" Strap Length
• One size available only