SAK LT 2.0 Lightweight Drawstring Basketball Bag - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $75 / Free Returns!

SAK LT 2.0 Lightweight Drawstring Basketball Bag


"Been looking for a bag that fits my ball, kicks & drink for a long time.  Thanks!"
Kai T.C., Forest Hills, NY

Presenting the SAK LT 2.0, our new and improved lightweight drawstring bag. The SAK LT 2.0 was created to meet the needs of basketball players looking for a lightweight and secure, easily portable bag to protect and store their valuables while at practice, the game or just on the way there. 

The 30” top opening provides the perfect space for your basketball; gone are the days of awkwardly stuffing your ball into a bag that’s too tight or small. The SAK can also hold a 32-oz slim-fit drink and has a zippered pocket for your keys and phone.   

In addition to featuring two new colors (Royal and Red), the SAK LT 2.0 has been upgraded with increased durability and water resistance, meaning you can take this with you rain or shine. The SAK LT 2.0 is made from a sturdy chain-link pattern ripstop nylon. The bottom is reinforced cordura nylon which will keep the inside dry no matter the weather or if it is dropped into a puddle.    

It is the ideal smaller gear bag and the perfect complement to our Road Trip Basketball Back Pack.

• The SAK LT is a lightweight drawstring water-resistant nylon basketball bag with a 30” top opening to fit your ball, sneakers, and a drink. It keeps your gear protected no matter the weather.

• The SAK LT is made for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. It’s big enough for your gear but not too big and bulky. If you’ve got game, you need the SAK for your gear.

• Constructed from durable, water-resistant, chain-link ripstop nylon, with a bottom made of reinforced cordura nylon. Beverage holder made of elastic mesh. Zippered pocket for phone and keys.

• Available in four colors. Made in China.

• One Size: [Height 20”/Weight 15"]