DRYV Unisex Basketball Warm-Up Hoodie 2.0 - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $75 / Free Returns!

DRYV Unisex Basketball Warm-Up Hoodie 2.0


The original DRYV® Hoodie launched in Fall 2015 was a best-seller. Now we’re back in stock with an updated and improved version.

The DRYV® Unisex Basketball Hoodie 2.0 still features elbow pleats and an extended back vent to allow for a smooth shooting motion, and a contoured hood for 180-degree peripheral vision. It also incorporates our patented DRYV® Moisture Control technology inside of the hood and the side pockets to keep your face and hands warm and dry. New fabric provides increased water resistance and will keep you - and the hoodie - insulated from precipitation or puddles.

The DRYV® Hoodie 2.0 features:

  1. Water resistant exterior body fabric
  2. Mesh liner for enhanced ventilation
  3. Reinforced zippers featuring our primary .3 logo

The DRYV® Hoodie 2.0 has an athletic cut, meaning it’s more fitted than a typical loose-fitting Hoodie. It is made from 2-way stretch fabrics that move with your body to provide optimum performance on the court.

If you’ve worn one of our first Hoodie releases, you’ll love these improvements. If you’re just looking for your first one, we’re sure you’ll see that THIS is a Hoodie truly #MadeforBasketball.

• Featuring patented DRYV Moisture Control technology, the DRYV Hoodie 2.0 is a hooded warm-up top that lets you enjoy the game indoors or outdoors in cool weather.

• The DRYV Hoodie 2.0 is designed for basketball players of all ages and skill levels who want to stay warm and dry before, during, and after playing.

• Incorporates DRYV Moisture Control technology inside the hood and pockets. Motion pleats at elbow for full extension on shooting motion. Aerated back vent contours to body while shooting. Angled hood for enhanced peripheral vision.

• Constructed of 2-way stretch moisture-wicking polyester. Manufactured in Colombia, South America. Available in three colors. Machine washable.

• Size fits as expected for an athletic fit.
Model is 6'3", 190 lbs. wearing a size L.