All Day Sleeveless Hoodie - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $99 / Free Returns!

All Day Sleeveless Hoodie


Revolutionary in design but simple in its meeting of basic player needs, the All Day Sleeveless Hoodie is your new favorite hoodie. 

Just like when you know you’ve got the mismatch on the court, you can rock this hoodie on or off the court "all day." Lightweight and versatile, it keeps your core warm while still offering full range of motion. The angled hood offers clear sightlines and peripheral vision in adverse weather conditions. Constructed of four-way stretch, moisture-resistant fabric, the All Day's articulated side seam makes it feel like you’re barely wearing anything, and a hidden chest pocket allows you to stow your phone or other valuables.

• Designed for basketball players of all ages and skill levels. As the name says, perfect for wearing all day, whether on or off the court.

• Made from four-way stretch, moisture-resistant fabric. Articulated side seam provides freedom of movement, contoured hood allows for peripheral vision in inclement weather. Hidden chest pocket for valuables.

• Available in two colors. Made in Colombia, South America. Machine washable.
Model is 6'3", 190 lbs. wearing a size L.