Alphas - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $75 / Free Returns!

What is an Alpha?

By definition an Alpha is "being the most dominant, powerful, or assertive person in a particular group."

POINT 3 Alphas embody all of these traits, with the goal to lead, influence and evolve the game of basketball. Alphas are typically coaches, trainers, or simply influential ‘basketball people,’ well respected in their communities for their basketball knowledge and teaching skills. There are currently 25 POINT 3 Alphas from the Bay Area to NYC and all the way down to Puerto Rico, helping everyone from NBA stars like Steph Curry, James Harden and Amare Stoudemire, to the 9th grader trying to make their JV squad. Alphas have dedicated themselves to helping their players improve, and get them faster, stronger and more game ready.

In each issue of "Behind the Brand", we'll profile a different POINT 3 Alpha and their specialized training techniques so you can be sure to keep evolving your game.

Visit our Alpha Page to find a POINT 3 Alpha near you!