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POINT 3 Alpha - Kevin Mitchell
Height: 6-3 | Weight: 205

TWITTER: @entrancebb

“Each player must develop their weaknesses to prevent their strengths from becoming their weaknesses.”

The foundation of our skills development training model is to improve basketball skills to augment player development. Each phase of our skill development training model is structured to improve the level of execution and increase the accuracy of performance. Each basketball challenge will be assessed in order to advance to more complex skills related to player development. Our mission is to develop a synergy between practical basketball skills, practice routines and game situations.

Each phase of player development can lead to stagnation or opportunity based on the following challenges as the result of an action:

  • Denial - the action of declaring the need of player development to be untrue.
  • Resistance - the action of opposing the need or opportunity for player development.
  • Exploration - the action of investigating, researching, studying or analyzing the need for player development.
  • Acceptance - the action of recognizing and agreeing to the need for player development.
  • Progression - the action of connecting a series of fundamental skills for player development.
  • Confidence - the action of belief or trust in the one's ability to execute a skill as a result of player development.

Between the "Resistance" and "Exploration" phases, an individual may experience the "Ambiguity Zone"  where the individual does not feel comfortable with his or her player development. Each basketball  player has to make the commitment to change to improve his or her basketball skills, basketball IQ and  overall basketball journey.

Kevin Mitchell, is the founder of ENTRANCE Basketball, Skills Development Training located in Southern  California. ENTRANCE Basketball provided skills development training and player development for  individuals or groups from the youth to professional level. 

In 2014, Kevin partnered with NBA Strategic Skills Coach & Consultant, Drew Hanlen to become a Pro  Skills Coach with Pure Sweat Basketball. Pure Sweat Basketball provides a strategic curriculum which has  helped over 25 NBA and NBA pre‐draft players including David Lee (Warriors), Bradley Beal (Wizards),  Andrew Wiggins and Zach LaVine (Timberwolves) and Jordan Clarkson (Lakers).

Through his basketball journey, Kevin has worked with various NBA trainers, college coaches, basketball  camps and organizations such as:

  • La Sierra University | Associate Head Coach Men's Basketball
  • Triple Threat Basketball | High School Basketball Coach and Player Development
  • Maximum Exposure Basketball | Basketball Clinician, Skills Trainer and Coach
  • National Junior Basketball | Basketball Clinician, Skills Trainer and Player Evaluator
  • Sportek Events | Skills Trainer and Basketball Coach

Notable Trainees:

  • Eric Wise | 2014 ‐2015 ‐Belgium | 2014 ‐Iowa Energy ‐  NBA D‐League
  • Stacy Davis | Junior ‐Forward | Pepperdine University