Road Trip 2.0 Basketball Backpack - POINT 3 Basketball

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Free Shipping On U.S. Orders Over $75 / Free Returns!

Road Trip 2.0 Basketball Backpack

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The Road Trip 2.0 Basketball Backpack takes everything you loved about our original release, re-packaged into a more compact form. Ventilated mesh area for your sweaty gear, side shoe compartments, room for your rock and anything you might need on that upcoming road trip.  

Same capacity to ball out, just in a smaller package. It’s like Trae Young blocking four shots a game.


• Ventilated mesh compartment for storage of sweaty gear

• Ergonomically designed side mount shoe pockets (fit up to Men's size 14)

• Rear zipper "stash" pocket for easy main compartment access

• Drawstring closure front ball pocket

• Two elastic mesh side water bottle pockets

• Padded, shaped shoulder straps with adjustable front buckle

• Durable wear and water resistant pebbled rubber bottom

• Fabric: 100% hydrophobic polyester with tonal printed DRYV pattern

It's Why We Do This.

To give back to the game that's given so much to us. We believe every ballplayer deserves a chance to play in gear that is designed specifically for ballplayers, by ballplayers. So if for some reason you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, please let us know. We'll be all over it like a 1-3-1 half court trap.

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