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The Pro's Dilemma: Choosing Between NBA Training Camp and Playing Overseas

It’s basically every basketball player’s dream growing up in the US to play in the NBA. But only a few select players make the League every year. Many more end up playing professionally elsewhere – whether in the D-League, other minor leagues, or playing overseas. View full article →

How Underdog Darion Atkins Seized His Moment And Is Now the Talk of NBA Draft Circles

For the past few years, it's been commonplace for higher-profile "name" players to skip the Portsmouth Pre-NBA Draft Invitational. Some players and agents want to give off a certain image of a player and don’t want to risk him playing badly.

But some players, regardless of their stock, just want to play and prove themselves. And one of them did wonders for his future career this past weekend.

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The Three Advantages Europe Has Over the U.S. in Youth Basketball

Kobe Bryant’s recent comments about AAU basketball and the European hoops development system generated a lot of talk about basketball development.  After spending a lot of time in Europe going to games and practices, here are three reasons the European system is good and the advantages it has over the system we have for youth basketball in the US.


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"He’s Playin’ Where?" The Kansas Jayhawks Edition

One of the best college hoops programs is also one of the best schools for producing pro talent for Europe. Kansas has been an absolute factory for producing high-end talent to play on the Old Continent. You could make a solid European team off of former Jayhawks. View full article →

"He’s Playing Where?" The UCONN Huskies Edition

The reigning NCAA national champion UCONN Huskies have had quite a run over the past few years.  And while players like Kemba Walker and Shabazz Napier have heard their names called in the first round of the NBA Draft, there are still a lot of Huskies setting screens and swishing threes across the ocean. View full article →

PuHu Juniors Become First European Club To Wear POINT 3 Uniforms

In just under a year, we've secured more than 150 teams around the country wearing our DRYV Team Uniforms, including some of the top programs here in our hometown Atlanta, like Top Notch, The Skill Factory, and the  Atlanta Hawks Youth Basketball Programs. And now we've just delivered our first international uniforms, to the PuHu Juniors club in Vantaa, Finland!


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“He’s Playing Where?” The ‘Cuse Edition

A crew of former Syracuse hoops stars and role players are droppin’ dimes and swishin’ J’s across Europe.  While it may not be the same as balling in a packed Carrier Dome, these guys are getting paid to do what they love on the old continent. They’re hooping in at least five countries, with a few guaranteed head-to-head alumni matchups.

Read on!


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Waterboy's Refill

What’s up, ballplayers!  

I’m Sam Meyerkopf and I handle all things social media here at POINT 3.  So if you’ve had a tweet replied to or an Instagram post you liked (or hated), it was probably my doing.  But my basketball life extends far beyond the sweat proof fabric at POINT 3, as I coach, write, and scout basketball, and right now I’m doing that from Europe.

I’ll be writing here and on my site about some of your favorite college stars who are now makin’ it rain on the old continent; looking at the differences in basketball skills training in Europe vs. the U.S.; as well as doing some scouting and trying to find the next Dirk .

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September 16, 2014

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The Three Reasons Team USA Captured the FIBA World Cup

Team USA captured the gold after a dominating performance throughout the tournament, including in the final against Serbia. The much-anticipated matchup between USA and Spain never materialized, but the U.S. didn’t leave anything to chance. 

Why wasn’t anyone able to match Team USA on the court?


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September 12, 2014

FIBA World Cup › International Game ›

Four Things to Love about the FIBA World Cup

The FIBA World Cup is coming to an end this weekend. For basketball fans around the world, it has been a great couple of weeks of action. Here are a few of our favorite things about the tournament! View full article →