Our Best Innovation Yet | POINT 3 Basketball

Our Best Innovation Yet

by Michael Luscher, POINT 3 Founder & CEO 

Like all ballplayers, we are constantly looking to raise the bar…set our goals higher, and achieve more. Today we walk off the court, drenched in sweat, as if we just hit our 500th jumper of the day. It’s the launch of our new and improved DRYV® Technology fabric, as seen in the release of our Elevate uniform jersey and shorts.

For the better part of the last year, we have been in the lab (no, not that “Lab” – the real one…like, with scientists in white coats) testing, developing and re-testing ways to make the lightest, most absorbent and quickest drying version of DRYV® ever. Guess what…we nailed it.

DRYV® has been the subject of a year-long research and development project in partnership with the North Carolina State Textile Engineering Department. For those of you who only know the Wolfpack through Jimmy V. , Lorenzo Charles and Fire & Ice (Monroe & Corchiani, baby!), you’re actually missing what that school is best known for. It’s textiles, aka fabric. And to be selected as one of only twelve companies for this year long project (amongst hundreds of applicants) is kind of a big deal.

The result of this partnership, combined with a major assist from our fabric mill partners, is the new DRYV® fabric that can only be found in our Elevate Team Uniform style. After extensive independent lab testing, here’s what are so hyped about:

Lab Testing

    So what does this mean for you ballplayers out there? It’s means gear that includes this newest version of DRYV® will allow you to dry your hands and face better, because the fabric absorbs more sweat and dries quicker, in a garment that is more lightweight and cool. Sound like a decent innovation?? We thought so too.

    Be on the lookout for this new and improved version of DRYV® fabric incorporated into many more product drops coming from us in the future. Until then, check out the new Elevate Team Uniform style and get back out on the court with dry hands and no excuses.