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Weartesters Give Some Serious Shine to the DRYV Baller 3.0 Basketball Shorts

We love getting feedback from customers about our gear, whether good or bad. That's what makes it so rewarding to see a group of guys like Weartesters, who are widely regarded as some of the most influential voices in the basketball footwear and apparel space, send us the following review of our new DRYV Baller 3.0 Shorts.  View full article →

Announcing Our Newest Partner

It's that time of year... March Madness is in the books, High School hoops is wrapped up in most parts of the country, the NBA playoffs are around the corner... and for us at POINT 3, the focus turns now full-force the grassroots basketball circuit. View full article →

Our Best Innovation Yet

Like all ballplayers, we are constantly looking to raise the bar…set our goals higher, and achieve more. Today we walk off the court, drenched in sweat, as if we just hit our 500th jumper of the day. View full article →
March 02, 2017

The Spring 2017 Get Sponsored Winner is...

March Madness is here, and what better way to kick it off than announcing the winners of our Spring 2017 Get Sponsored contest!

We attracted nearly 1,000 entrants from 47 states, all hoping to win head-to-toe uniforms for their squad this spring.

And without further ado, the winner this spring is...

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AAAND NOW… Introducing POINT 3's Newest NBA Partner

As a basketball brand, it’s always exciting to establish relationships with great programs, and there aren’t many NBA franchises that have a history like the one we're announcing now. View full article →

Weartesters and Jahronmon Unbox Our Fall 2016 New Arrivals

If you're a sneakerhead or basketball gear freak, you hopefully have heard of and our guys Nightwing2303 and Jahronmon. View full article →

Catching Up with the Brooklyn Nazareth Kingsmen

The Brooklyn Nets season may be in full swing, but our focus will be on Brooklyn today for a different reason. The anticipation of Opening Night has finally reached its peak as this afternoon as our Get Sponsored winners, the Nazareth Regional High School Kingsmen, tip off their season against rival Xaverian. View full article →

What Outfitting New York's Biggest After-School Leagues Means To Us

Today we announced a partnership with the Sports & Arts in Schools Foundation (SASF) of New York, whereby over 600 elementary and middle school-aged kids will be wearing POINT 3 uniforms in their after-school basketball practices and games this winter. That part would be cool enough, but so much more goes into this to make it a special alliance for us. View full article →


We just wrapped up #BlackFriday, then #SmalBizSaturday and #CyberMonday. We’ve dubbed tomorrow #WornOutWednesday. But today, we can all embrace a hashtag really worth noting: #GivingTuesday. View full article →

Why We've Partnered With the Positive Coaching Alliance

POINT 3 x Positive Coaching Alliance

Our POINT 3 team's relationship with basketball ranges from the days of shooting around in the park, to our first organized youth league game, to making the varsity squad, to hearing our name called on draft night, to now watching our own children learn to play.

Basketball has been such a huge part of our lives; both in terms of athletics and our development as people. Every single one of us can quickly recall a basketball life lesson that stuck with us and still resonates today.

For that, we still thank the special coach who shared that message. Whether it was a parent volunteering or a professional coach, there have been people along the way who made sure we gave back as much as we were getting from the sport we love so much.

That is why we jumped at the chance to partner with the Positive Coaching Alliance. PCA does such tremendous work with athletes of all ages and quite honestly we are humbled to be associated with them. 

PCA's methods and priorities in teaching the fundamentals of the game -- and life – is how we want to be helping the game grow. As stated in our joint press release, this “joint effort is based around shared interest in prioritizing work ethic, sportsmanship and teamwork in sports.” Certainly, our company initiative of “We Care About Basketball” draws a lot of inspiration from the way PCA goes about building foundations to make better players and people.

That stuff matters to us. The members of our team all grew up playing the game, some at the highest levels, and many of us are still active both as participants and parents. Basketball is a true love of ours and we are committed to helping foster and nurture that passion.

Joining with PCA is a great fit and we are looking forward to working together. To put our money where our mouth is, we will be donating a portion of shipping and handling fees to PCA. You will also start seeing their name and some content across our social media channels, and POINT 3 will be featured across PCA’s various digital platforms.

Thanks for being a part of our efforts to grow the game the right way!



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