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Why an AAU Program Believes the Freedom to Make Mistakes is the Best Part of Summer Basketball

June 30, 2015

Coach Robert Calloway of Integrity Sports Falcons runs his program with bigger goals in mind than just wins and losses.
Who Is the Most Likely Next Matthew Dellavedova?

June 26, 2015

The Cleveland Cavaliers were down to their last legs in the NBA Finals. Kevin Love, hurt. Kyrie Irving, hurt. Who could possibly fill in? Enter Matthew Dellevadova, the Australian point guard from St Mary’s College. 

Here at POINT 3, we always support the Underdog player like him. So who are some ‘Next Delly’ candidates from this Draft, ie. players that went undrafted but could be sparkplugs for an NBA team?

Five Reasons Why Notre Dame’s Pat Connaughton is the Sleeper of the 2015 NBA Draft

June 25, 2015

In college hoops, the player with the ball is most often the star. When you dominate the ball a lot, you receive a lot of the attention and are able flash skills that could maybe lead you to be a star at the next level. Often this leads to the role player being slept on when drafting. The oft-forgotten aspect is that role players are the types of players that can transition their college roles directly into a role in the NBA.