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What Every Player Can Learn By Thinking Like a Point Guard

August 26, 2015

Point guards always need to see a step ahead of everyone else on the floor.

If I’m the point guard, I have to think about what will happen two moves after the initial pass or cut. I have to know someone is open even before they know that they’re open.

Something That #OnlyBallersKnow...

August 20, 2015

Basketball is a fraternity. It stretches across racial, social, economic and gender lines (so yes ladies, it’s a sorority too) through one common bond… LOVE OF THE GAME.

#OnlyBallersKnow is POINT 3’s way to share that love with our universe.

How One of NYC's Best Skills Trainers Drives His Players

August 14, 2015

There are no gimmicks involved in what we do at Team Footprintz.

We will not teach 30 ball tricks while you are jumping in the air on a trampoline. That’s not game related. Everything is based on 1) hard work and 2) repetition.