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The 3-Part Elite Shooting Workout That Will Help Take Your J to the Next Level

September 02, 2015

Want to take your J to the next level? Check out Part 1 of this 3-Part Elite Shooting Workout by POINT 3 Alpha Mark Adams!
What Every Player Can Learn By Thinking Like a Point Guard

August 26, 2015

Point guards always need to see a step ahead of everyone else on the floor.

If I’m the point guard, I have to think about what will happen two moves after the initial pass or cut. I have to know someone is open even before they know that they’re open.

Something That #OnlyBallersKnow...

August 20, 2015

Basketball is a fraternity. It stretches across racial, social, economic and gender lines (so yes ladies, it’s a sorority too) through one common bond… LOVE OF THE GAME.

#OnlyBallersKnow is POINT 3’s way to share that love with our universe.