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Three Steps to Success as a Basketball Skills Trainer

January 26, 2015

Player development is about teaching players how to play the game and developing their skill set so that they can become a more effective player. And everything you do as a trainer has to translate into game situations.

Learn more from POINT 3 Alpha skills trainer Mark Adams!

What Does It Take to Make It to the Pros?

January 20, 2015

Just about every ballplayer, at some point of his or her life, has dreamed of making it to the pros. But what does it really take to get there? And how do you balance that desire with the realities of life and everything else that sports can do for you? Check out what former NBA star Keith Van Horn has to say about the topic!
The Sweatiest Basketball Players of All-Time

January 16, 2015

Some players sweat more (including POINT 3 CEO Michael Luscher) than others, which is why we invented DRYV Moisture Control Technology.  But looking back in basketball lore, there are quite a few players who could have used and still could use some POINT 3 gear.  This includes a lot of big men, hard workers, and the sweatiest of the sweaty.  You could call this a collection of POINT 3 Sweat All-Stars.