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Why I Wish Our DRYV LT Leg Sleeve Came Out Last Week

December 15, 2015

I was playing in my Sunday morning run last weekend, having won my first game and was just starting to get warmed up.  You see, while we love our customers, the one drawback to all these holiday orders and a fast growing business is that I have not stepped on a court in 3 weeks (and PS - I’m old), so that first game almost didn’t count.

In business, they often say timing is everything.  Well, that seems to be the case in basketball too.  


Introducing the Evolution of the Basketball Back Pack

December 03, 2015

As ballplayers ourselves, we're always trying to design items we wish we had. One thing that always bugs us is how it's been virtually impossible to find a bag that kept our sweaty gear separate from the clean gear, could hold our rock, keep our kicks separate, and still look good on our backs. (Drum roll...) We're excited to introduce the Road Trip Back Pack, our all-new multi-faceted back pack designed to fit everything a baller could possibly need. The Road Trip follows our hugely successful SAK LT Drawstring basketball gear bag. The Road Trip is a full-size back pack, and is unique in comparison to similar bags already available on the market. The bag has a main compartment featuring a 30”+ diameter top opening... Continue Reading →